Why is my ex of almost 8 years acting like this?

I didn't do anything to him, and the break up was more bad for me then it was for him. I always put him first, and I did everything for him. And, now he goes around bragging about being single, and talking crap about me. We don't talk anymore, since he kept ignoring me, and telling me to leave him alone. So I cut all contact like facebook, phone, etc. Oh, and he dumped me. sorry if this was a little confusing...


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  • If he doenst contact you, is happy the way he is then he isn't really into you. If you drift apart then he doenst want a relationship with you.


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  • maybe it makes it easier to get over you?

    you shouldn't worry about anything about him, since he broke up with you... and you're saying you got the worse end of it. I would think that what you should do is distant yourself even more and when people talk about him just pretend to listen but not care. I had a guy I liked and we had a small community so people would talk about him to me, especailly my mom (even after I got married) and it bugged me... but don't let it bug you too much. Just go out and have fun and ignore him. who cares about him and what he does and say? It just matters if you are now happy and out and you know you are a good person or not. good luck


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