Guys I need a relationship expert please help me out?

My ex boyfriend and i broke up a year ago.. we dated for 3 years.. i swear he is the best guy i could ever ask for but he dumped me for no reason. He just quit contact.. till now i can't move on.. Im always single since then.. i dont wanna get back to him but i just want to make things clear. should i talk to him guys? I did many times before he said he dont wanna talk about it. . Please tell me what should i do?


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  • You won't get closure on this one. The more u seek the further he goes. You will have to put it in the cold cases files of your life n accept that's where it will stay. Hard pill to swallow.

    • Thats very true.. but i feel that i can't move on if i dont make things clear

    • U will be stuck where u are for a long while if u want the clarity. It's upto u to stay put or move on.

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  • Just leave it alone. Don't get your expectations up and you'll move on faster. He obviously wasn't the "best guy" if he dumped you like that with no closure. You deserve better than that.


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  • Try once again., If you have still some felling for ham.
    You may found any and. But may be you can't found any one like him

    • I dont want to get back with him. I just want to make things clear

    • I simple solution try to hang out with any other guy. If you still missing him or remembering any memory of him.
      Then you have still felling for him...

  • What's your age.. ?


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