Told Her Not to Contact Me... Will she still reach out?

Recently dumped via text which was not fun. I was very upset and I called her out on it. In my pain I told her to leave me alone and not talk to me, those exact words. There's a lot of unresolved stuff but I'm worried she would have taken those words to heart. I regret my last words to her. Have I completely shut the door on future communication?

Thanks x


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  • If she dumped you she probably won’t contact you anyway (well, depending on why she dumped you and if she still loves you). Tell her you didn’t mean what you said, and that she could reach out to you anytime

    • Tbh, it was very out of the blue. I met her friends, family etc, thought we were serious. She was super affectionate until one weekend. I asked what was wrong, she said she just gets into dark moods. I give her space, two days later, I get an essay. She brings up all these things I never heard I never heard of before, I wasn't aware she had a problem. She said she couldn't do it in person or by call because of anxiety and she would have cried. It was all very sudden from my perspective :/

    • I’m sorry about the breakup.

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  • Yep, girls are cold like that and will take what you say to heart. The only shot you have is to gather your thoughts and try to explain that you said that out of anger. It may or may not work, but sounds like you might need to find closure somehow or you might drive yourself crazy. Try to sound as dignified as you can, leaving out any desperate sounding thoughts. Talk to her like you did when you first met and there might be a small chance

    • Thanks for the response.

      I'm not sure if I can truly get closure. How she handled the breakup was wrong, so I feel no regret in standing up for myself. I was hoping that my last message being written in the present tense instead of the classic 'never contact me again' line would not make it seem as final... I will think about it. x

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