Is a guy really worth it?

I still haven't gotten over my ex who broke up with me three years ago. I thought I finally had gotten over him, but when I saw him not too long ago... the feelings came back.

Me and him first became friends then we started going out. We were together for two months, but then I got into a dark periode. It happen once a year. It's when all my dark and negative emotions spills out. I get very negative and self critic. In a dark periode, I am very weak and vulnerable for comments and other stuff.

He kind of got scared. I began to tell him more about my past and traumas. I opened up to him more than before. He promised at first to help me, but in the end broke up with me.

The broke up went via texts:

Me: *name*, how much do you like me?

Him: Don't know, maybe 50%...

Me: Didn't you say that you liked me 90%?

Him: Maybe then, but now is now.

Me: But it was two days ago!

Me: Then should we just break up then?

Him: Yes, preferably.

I cried for a week. My friends began to hate him, but I continued to love him. I thought I got over him, but once I see him all my feelings ressurect. I want to get over it, but how. I tried to date another guy, but it didn't help... I broke up with him.

How do I stop it? Is a guy really worth it? Both girls and guys can answer...
Yes, it is worth it. He had a reason to break up with you.
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No, it's not worth it. He was a complete jerk!
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Is a guy really worth it?
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