Girl dump me then text me 1 week later I'm lost?

Dating this girl for a month she expressed she had feelings and cared for me. Unfortunately she is a recent break up so she broke up with me saying it's not fair bc she is still struggling getting over her ex and her feelings for me etc... So I figured it's over and just moved forward I never contacted her or text nothing and 1 week later at 9pm she sends me a text that's just says "(1/1)". That's it...

Ummmm I don't know what that is suppose to mean but I didn't respond since there is no substance and no meaning. What does (1/1) mean anyways? I just feel like she broke up with me and decided to cut ties I'm going to need more than that for a response...


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  • Continue not to respond. Or you could respond with (2/2).

    • Weird right? It's not an accidental text I have never received or sent an accidental text and then it's from a girl who dumped me a week ago said she needs time alone etc... I never responded she made it clear we are done so not sure what she expected from that text

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    • Ok thanks then no reply to meaning less text

    • Yes exactly.

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    • They broke up a month before meeting me so it's still fresh.. we got close fast we were sleeping with each other then she all the sudden doesn't want to hold my hand she had this emotional break down said she was full of guilt bc she is still attached and felt it's the right thing to dump me... So a text with (1/1) it meaningless and I'm worth more than that. She better step up

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