Why do ex's always reappear?

My ex and i split a yr ago and its been a hellish yr in general since then for a variety of reasons not just over him. It ended badly for no reason really. I think he got scared of moving forward and then left.
But anyway, its been a yr. And im finally feeling better, i do still love him and the 2 times I've seen him (last in june) its like nothing changed and i could see the love in his eyes. But he was angry at me for some reason since June and has lashed out at me over text. I haven't heard from him since August until a few weeks ago he called... but he hung up when i answered. I've also heard from friends he frequently asks about me and gets excited when friends talk about me. But it also feels like a game. The friends say if he wants to know he should ask me. I think he's scared to love me for some reason. We had a great relationship. And now i think he's wanting a 2nd chance but scared of rejection. Thoughts?
And pls none of the he's an ex for a reason. People reconcile everyday even after years
Why do ex's always reappear?
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