Why do ex's always reappear?

My ex and i split a yr ago and its been a hellish yr in general since then for a variety of reasons not just over him. It ended badly for no reason really. I think he got scared of moving forward and then left.
But anyway, its been a yr. And im finally feeling better, i do still love him and the 2 times I've seen him (last in june) its like nothing changed and i could see the love in his eyes. But he was angry at me for some reason since June and has lashed out at me over text. I haven't heard from him since August until a few weeks ago he called... but he hung up when i answered. I've also heard from friends he frequently asks about me and gets excited when friends talk about me. But it also feels like a game. The friends say if he wants to know he should ask me. I think he's scared to love me for some reason. We had a great relationship. And now i think he's wanting a 2nd chance but scared of rejection. Thoughts?
And pls none of the he's an ex for a reason. People reconcile everyday even after years


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  • Exes reappear, because of one of these reasons: 1. They actually miss the girl. 2. They want to check if their ex is doing better or worse without them. 3. They remember 'good old times' together. 4. They want to be complete a-holes with their ex, because they didn't say enough last time.

  • I work with my ex so unfortunately she never disappears


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