Would go to their parents house?

If your long term SO that you lived with left for a couple days for vacation with a friend and started ignoring you for unknown reasons.

When vacay was over: You found out the friend went back to their life and their town but...

Your SO never came home
So you called their parents and found out the just randomly showed up there but didn't tell their parents about what was up and they were just living their out of their vacation bag

Then 2 weeks went by and you never heard a word and all of their belongings and your life together was essentially abandon by them with 0 explanation
Would you:
A. Go to the parents and bring their stuff and try to figure what happened for peace of mind
B. Mail there stuff and just forget about

Keep in mind your SO has never behaved this way and last you know, you guys were happy in love and planning to move and get married one day. The thing you do know is that your SO was experiencing depression leading up to this and the friend they vacationed with was no help when you asked them what was going on.


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