What do you do when you think you lost The ONE?

Its been what...3 years since she died and I still dont feel over it, its like if im gonna live alone for the rest of my life. Cause its not the occasions that have been missing but i didn't get another spark like i did with her. Is there someone who can relate?


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  • Im sorry :( that's so sad. You never know who is 'the one' until you're falling deeply in love with someone. It might happen again for you soon, or maybe it will take some time but don't let the future scare you off. Just keep in mind though, you've experienced a great loss and it takes time to get over that. I've now been single for almost 3 years since I broke up with my boyfriend and I haven't been that connected to anyone at all since we broke up. Its just a very rare thing to feel that connected to someone. One will experience that a few times during life


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  • Yes I can. I lost a girl due to conflicting timings and most likely will never see her again. But going away from her broke my heart and will nevee be the same again.


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