Should I let this girl go?

Clicked with an awesome girl for 2 weeks, basically seeing each other. We're both 20. She has left to other towns for her summer job, while texting me. She is now home, and we are now msn/txting/caming. We're attracted and like each other. She lives across the Province, but I'll be moving to a city 5 hours away end of this month. Her and I agreed to visit each other. I'm going to go there start of next month. The thing is, I know it was only two weeks and I know we're not dating. She told me today she got asked from a guy at a small party to go watch 15 year olds play hockey..some event, then back to her place to play ping pong. She went with him and his friends, and told me about it up front and said she scored it as "OKAY" I played it cool and joked about it. She then told me how if it was me we would be up till 3am and she wouldn't be home so early. She's only had 1 boyfriend and isn't the type to just hook up. Should this be a caution? I know the distance is bad right now, but should I let this one go..


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  • it really depends...if you really like her then there is no reason you can't at least try to make it work..see where it goes and if it doesn't work out then consider it a learning experience. but the fact that it has only been 2 weeks...well that's hard to go off of because that's not a long time at all. I think you should do what you guys had said. See each other when you can, and if its working okay with just visiting each other when you can, then after you guys get comfortable with each other, bring up the topic of whether or not you should continue or if things just aren't working out.


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