Not good enough?

At the start of our relationship it seemed like a great idea. He has a nice huge wholesome family, basically lives in a mansion, he’s experienced everything I’ve ever wanted to, great personality and of course he’s attractive. I only have one parent and one grandmother, I live in a tiny house, the most I’ve every done was go to an amusement park, no one in my family is educated, and by no means am I good looking. A lot of the time I wonder if he’s just too nice to dump me. I love him, but I don’t know how I’d feel about him or his parents meeting me or my family, there’s no way I measure up to his standards. We’ve been talking for a year and he acts like he can’t wait for everyone to meet. Should I just break things off before I make matters worse?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Sound​ to me like you know what you want I'm letting you know that you should leave

    • I don’t know if I want that... it’s just probably the best solution

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    • If beauty on the inside matters then why are nice not so aesthetically pleasing people always chosen last for a date? Take a guess

    • People tend to want the baddest girl me I had my first kid at 15 so to be I'm not looking for looks I'm looking honesty communication loyalty I'm not asking for too much

  • Stop over thinking! You're assuming too much.

    • It’s hard not too when he’s basically the “perfect” boyfriend I’m just surprised he doesn’t have girls climbing all over him

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  • Sounds like you have low self-esteem. Just bc you don't find yourself attractive doesn't mean he doesn't. If he's telling you that he can't wait for everyone to meet then you should give it a chance.

    • I know I’ll do fine with his family (I hope), I just know when the time comes for him to meet mine everything will go wrong

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