Guys, Can a guy put there perspective on this please?

Me (18) and my boyfriend (19) have been together for 3 years, Recently he's been starting to ignore everything i been bringing up to him that he does and he just tells me to "chill"& that he doesn't want to argue with me and he never wants to fix anything. And i told him one day how he makes me feel insecure and depressed and how i cry and he told how much he loves everything about me but then the next day he asked me if he could have sex w another girl? And then he said he didn't mean it and that he was drunk but then the next day he started following his ex who was blocked and 2 other females? And i told him i know he wants to see other people so we should just break up but he keeps denying it and said it was "just a follow" and that he loves me & that i need to chill& he won't do it again& doesn't want anyone else but is doing all this& knows he's hurting me and making me cry? and i want to break up with him but he's making me feel bad and saying wow and that he only loves me, & bringing up my ex? What is going on I don't know what to do anymore..
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He keeps calling me asking if we can talk face to face what is he doing?
Guys, Can a guy put there perspective on this please?
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