Signs a relationship is coming to an end? Advice?

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 5 years October 14, but we've been having a lot of problems since he moved across town and we only see each other once a week. Due to this, our relationship is starting to become strained, and for me it's harder to feel emotionally connected to him when he's always accusing me of cheating or flirting with other guys, even when I've been faithful this whole time, and since March has been comparing me to his Ex, whom he dated over 6 years ago. He also hates that I go to hang out with my friends (which I never do any more because I'm scared of upsetting him), and a year ago told me "I love you but I don't trust you".

I don't think a relationship can be built with no trust from one side of the relationship, and I'm tired of hurting him when I don't know what to say to him if we're fighting and I'm upset.

Any advice I can get would be great. Thank you.
Signs a relationship is coming to an end? Advice?
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