Should I not reply, a bit confused with my decisions?

I contacted the guy that broke up with me and he is engaging in friendly conversation. Perhaps because I told him that we weren't in talking terms and I finally spoke to him.

Hmm.. I guess I don't want to respond and keep the conversation going though he didn't ask any questions. Lol

I find it pointless. Should I wait for him to contact me again? by the way, I don't want to be his girlfriend. He seems emotionally unstable. I just felt bad because he asked if I was doing okay.

ADVICE? He broke up with me for petty reasons too..


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  • my advice is...
    don't do that again.. that will makes you look petty and needy.
    sitting on the chair and waiting for that guy to call you might have consequences, especially since he chose to break up for stupid reasons.

    fix yourself instead of fixing what might break you again.
    Good luck...

  • You contacted him first. If you dont want to talk to him anymore just dont reply should he message you. If what ypu want from him is a friend let him know that.

  • Just ignore him and focus on your goals. Trust me on that.


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