How to cut ties with my Super toxic Ex?

I need advice on how I can get my ex out of my life. I'm not going to talk shit on her, because truth be told we were both bad for and to each other. We aren't back together or even having sex , but since she came back in my life I have been an emotional rollercoaster. I've tried cutting her out of my life nicely (if that's even possible) and I've tried being a total piece of shit and nothing seems to help. I love her but like I said we are very unhealthy for each other. How can I get her to want to leave me alone?


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  • show that you don't care about her at all - even if you do, act like that. ignore, neglect...


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  • Im not saying this is a good idea but hear me out when you go to sleep look on facebook on you phone in her friends list for the female she can't stand and masturbate next to her and when she asks say this time you want to think about her friend and ask for a hand so it feels like her friend is there

    • Its just a joke good luck bro😂😂😂sowwy fun as shit though my joke i feel bad for you thought that might make you laugh a bit

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    • And that's when she started staying with you? Lol

    • Hell no that bitch was crazy

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