Is this mean or what? I am so mad right now!

A guy who knows you like him flirts back with you with, tells you he likes you, you exchange numbers and chat back and forth, then a week passed and no response, you ask if you said anything wrong, you kinda know you didn't because you were being careful because it's not at that stage yet. I would have been quite fine if he just said he wasn't interested and moved along. Now I'm at an anti-climax where you made me excited now ..nothing. What do I do? move along/ get answers? I feel like cursing but I wouldn't


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  • Been there done that. I kind of fell for this guy after we texted for just a week then same story, he just didn't. I was so hooked to him, that I kind of freaked. But I text him "Hey" every once in a while now, but I never get a response, so I've just kind of learned to move on and not get attached too fast. I had to let him go. I was hard. Really hard, but necessary.

    Hope this helps a little.

    If you have more questions let me know.


    • Thanks for sharing your story, but u'no when you are really into some one it kinda feels really bad!

    • Really bad. I know.

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