I can't take this, what wrong with me?

So I know I'm not the prettiest, my skin is far from perfect etc but I get told I'm quite pretty. I don't get LOADS of boys, but I get some. I thought id got a good one, I was myself around him, I wore no makeup with him! Then he left me for an even uglier girl... it can't be her personality as its non existent. I feel crap :/


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  • maybe you say or did something but that's not always the case sometimes when we like someone and they hurt us we think that we did something cause guys never really say why they did what they did so we sit and worry and think about the what ifs and whys but it could have been something with him like he lost interst or this other girl said something did something and this guys just likes every girl that talks to him

    • I think you might be right about the bit that he likes every girl that talks to him you know. Ughhh he got me :/ thanks for the help though :)

    • Your welcomne and I'm sorry that happend to you and I hope you find a better guy

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  • All I can say is many guys at a young age will choose quantity over quality. The more gf's they have the better they think they are. Maybe he is going for the insecure girls hoping he may get something off them? Either way, don't stress your head about it. Show him that you don't miss him, flirt with other guys, have fun. Seeing you get over him so easily will bruise his ego.

    • Thankyou :) its just like the worst pain everrr to be second best but its truly a killer when his choice isn't up to much. Yeahh I might be seeing him in a few weeks with friends and I'm going to act like it was nothing to me (will be hard but ill try!)

  • Move on... Thinking about it will do you no good.

    Especially making presumptions about a girl you don't know or imagining you are worse then the horrible picture you have of her.

    If it bothers you that much ask him directly, otherwise it's pointless to discuss.

    This seems like more of a rant then a question.


    • I have met her though its not like I saw her facebook pic or something, I know her and she isn't that great. Its not a rant I thought there might be an explanation, but yeah ill speak to him

  • I've discovered that working to look pretty has done nothing. All the guys will fck the hot girls marry the uglies... My opinion sigh..,


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