Is true a man can make his ex girlfriend miserable?

I asked a guy friend well if an ex boyfriend is trying to make your life miserable doesn't that mean he still wants to be with her. He said not necessarily, he just want to make a her life miserable because he is not with her? I am not getting it... because it seems like it's still the same thing as him being interested. Someone please help me understand?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Obviously she dumped him and he is angry and wants her to suffer.

    • What if it's him that dumped her... and she is just moving a long?

    • Then she must have given him a really good reason to dump her, and he wants her to suffer. Or else he's just a jerk.

    • Not true... but who knows... men can be DUMB

What Girls Said 2

  • Well if you want revenge, that means you still have unresolved feelings and you haven't moved on, even if those feelings are just anger. The best revenge is moving on, bettering yourself and most people *hope* that makes their ex jealous but either way, that's the best action since it gets you to focus on yourself rather than your ex.

  • you made sense.


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