His ex's ring that he won't take off?

hey my boyfriend is 25 me 20 and when he was dating his first girlfriend when he was about 18 she bought him one of those typical rings with his name engraved . anyway he got cheated on her a few times and then he eventually left her and moved inter state then he started dating another girl even lived with her a bit and she cheated on him too each time he only went out with them for a couple of years. he then came back to his home and didn't see anyone for a couple of years and we started dating. one thing that annoys me is he is still wearing that ring from his first girlfriend and he is onto his second girlfriend after her. it was like 5 or so years ago. I think he slept with her a few times in between his last girlfriend and me. the ring is stuck tho and can't come off. I have asked him to remove it. and he said he can't imagine having nothing on his finger he said y don't you buy one, but I don't really want to nor have the money I don't want it to be a replacement you know what I mean. I told him several times it concerns me and he said don't worry its not like he looks at it and thinks of her. he said exactly that SHOULD I BE WORRYING nauseous

? xx
how could I ask him or what should I say to get him to understand it from my side?


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  • "Can't take it off". Wow, that's a good excuse. Seems like he hasn't gotten over both of his ex's. He's still hurt and angry about the way they cheated on him, and hasn't truly found closure. In other words, he's got major baggage. Especially in his head.

    • He litterally can't get it off he would need to get it cut off his bone has grown wider haha! do you think he actually understands I want it off. I've asked lots

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  • Yeah, you have the right to be mad.

    This guy is a wussy. He can't let go of his past 2 girlfriends because he's still emotionally attached to them. He probably wants this 'promise ring' girl back and will fly her way if she ever calls him up.

    Promise rings are f*cking stupid. It just shows insecurity in the one buying it.

    This kid needs to grow up and move on.

  • Yeah somewhat worried his heart is still with her you can't erase her off his mind even if he took off the ring. I would say the same thing but how can you not think of a person if you had on there ring common now. Just deal with it what are you worried about anyways if a guys going to cheat he's going to cheat doesn't matter what you do or how much you worry he's going to do it. I'm not saying he's cheating on you but its obvious she's still on his mind.

    • Really even though he can't take it off and he doesn't mind if I replace it with something else and he says he doesn't htink about her when he loooks at it :(

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  • u shouldn't be worrying! You should straight up tell your bo to lose the ring and buy himself a 25 cent one if he thinks that his finger would feel alone or nothing, what ever he said =]


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