I had a girlfriend for six months but now I wish I did more for her and can't stop thinking about her is it a case of I want what I can't have?


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  • I think it's a normal feeling of "what if". Since everything in life is limited with time, it's common to look back at things that effect us and wonder what if. Sometimes because we wish for a different outcome, other times because something else is effecting us and our minds look at parts of life that influence who we are heavily and look to what could have been in our lives. It's not necessarily a bad thing to go through your mind and think about but it can become toxic to yourself if you can't discover the reason behind why you are wondering it. Just know it isn't as always as simple as you wanting that person again. That's why people get back into relationships that didn't work out before and still doesn't work out. They had that similar feeling and just figured it was only because they wanted to be with that person again.

  • Are you a lesbian?


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