Why can't I let it go!

I am having the hardest time letting this guy go! I don't know if its just that he was the first guy since my divorce or because of the way he treated me! He didn't treat me good either, witch makes this even more confusing! I broke up with him, then he sucked me in again. Then we stopped talking again. But then we had sex, and now I feel myself wanting him to call or text, I texted him the next day, but of course no answer! Just need some one to tell how to get this out of my head! Its like I know he is a bad guy, but I still crave his attention.. Someone give me advice to get over it, I hate feeling like a desperate crazy chick!


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  • Wow I have been in that situation.. I can only tell you what I learned and what I did. I actually let go... I didn't want to be single after my divorce so I wasn't I jumped head first into the very first relationship that presented itself, and trust me it was not a healthy relationship either. When he left (without even breaking it off, he just stopped all communication) I morned the loss of that relationship like you would a death in your family. I felt like the crazy chick for , in my opinion too long to mention. What you have to do is... un-romantacize the way you view love, of course you feel devestated if you believe you lost your soul mate. If you think you can find love again and know that you can it will be easier to move on. And you can , and you will :) Visualize and empowered single you, the person you were before your marriage, before meeting your last love. That person was pretty awesome now is your chance to be her again. When you begin to think I'll never be loved again, don't resist just move onto another thought, like hmmm chicken for dinner tonight or steak, or w/e .. Stop being the victim in your own B movie everybody yells at her anyway "don't go in there stupid" and they never last long in that picture anyway. you become that person in every relationship you enter into and you don't want to be her... show who you are.. strong , witty , smart , caring , beautiful , because we all are that because we are unique , and you're the world's only opportunity to know a person just like you. The only hope to share what only you can...


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  • DELETE HIS NUMBER and throw away anything, especially pictures, of him and you together! Avoid all contact with him, unless it has to do with business. Focus on work and hang out with your friends or find a hobby. If you start "craving" for him, I want you to write down all the bad things he's done to you.


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