I need help on what to do about my Ex-Friend?

So she was my best friend once upon a time. I am in love with her. And I was open about this with her. So to the point. I was trying so hard to go out with her. And every time she would say "she wasn't sure". I never harassed her. I bought her gifts, and I wanted to make her a meal. I honestly prefer a night of cuddling as opposed to sex. I'm a weird teenager I know.

And she wanted to kill herself. All teens do. But I knew she was serious. Basically, I told her "if she doesn't tell anyone about her problem" I will. And she told me She'll think about it.

And the next day, she tells me "that was the final straw, we are not "compatible". I was f***ing crushed. Now I find out she's basically allowing her old abusive ex (which I hate for other reasons, not just because he's dating her) to sexually abuse her.

I'm so worried about her. I want to tell the school she was (and is) attempting suicide. What do I do? And please. How can I get over this pain?

I'm aware I never owned her. I never dated her. But i tried for months. I devoted so much time to her. And I make one "mistake". And she tells me she'll never give me a chance.

I'm so infuriated by that and her dating her ex, but overall I want to help her. Her safety is more important then my jealousy and betrayal anger.

Please help. What do I do?


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  • If you feel she is truly in trouble you need to tell someone that can help her. Forget all the other bs.


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