I still love my ex-boyfriend and he's giving me mixed signals?

Okay, here is the issue. About a month ago, I broke up with my LD boyfriend of two months. The relationship may not sound that serious, but to both of us, it was. I ended up falling in love with him but things began to change. At the beginning, we had much more time for each other since we were both off for the summer with minor inconveniences. As soon as school and work started up full swing, he was much busier than I was and we'd talk for a total of five minutes a day. On the weekends when he had time to speak, he would spend Friday night, Saturday & Sunday either out with his friends or at parties. It started to take a major toll on our relationship and I felt like he was slipping through my fingers. I wanted to hold on, but he had began to hurt me with his ways and blow me off when I told him I didn't like how he'd always leave. I broke up with him and ended up shattering his heart into pieces and breaking my own at the same time. I tried to get back together with him the first week, and now we've both settled to be "friends". However, I still have feelings for him and love him deeply. He confessed to me and told me he missed me and still had feelings for me as well, but today when I asked him what it all meant and if getting back together was possible, he told me that he did have feelings for me but he couldn't do another serious relationship. He also told me that getting back together would mean it would be harder to move on later on and that I deserved so much better. BUT, apparently, he still has feelings for me? What does this all mean? I don't know how to read it and we ended up getting into an argument and we haven't spoken for a few hours. HELP ME OUT!
I still love my ex-boyfriend and he's giving me mixed signals?
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