Why would a guy want to stay friends with his ex girlfriend?

Hello, so he ended things over a month ago via text and while he was drunk. Called it a break and then said it was a breakup. He said he needed distance and time to think. He didn't let me ask why or hear me out. We have yet to talk face to face. I am ready to tell him everything. My thoughts/opinions matter too. 2 weeks ago we talked on the phone and ended with I love you from him and I said it back. We did the f buddy think and then friends with benefits (worked well for a year.) Then he said I love you first, asked to see me more, went on trips, talked regularly and asked me to be his girlfriend a year later. I would say together for real for almost a year. Found out he cheated and we talked twice and decided to keep this going but he said it could never be serious (he got mad I found out by going through his phone and said he couldn't trust me.) He has issues;history of many gfs, abandonmen issues, alcoholic, drug addict as well as bipolar. He once said I was his world, that he would give me a ring, thought about babies with me, planned to move in together etc all came from him first. He says he doesn't have real friends just co workers he gets drunk with sometimes.
He texted today saying we are friends but he knows I want a long talk to end that other chapter correctly. He needs to know that this was never a real relationship because he treated me more like a f buddy than anything. If anything, it was an almost relationship.

Why does he want to stay friends?


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  • Because I still love them

    • Do you think he still loves me? He said even after he said he needed a break and over a phone call again. Or does he want to stay friends because he thinks I might do something dumb if he cuts all contact? He said he doesn't want to say goodbye, that he loves me and that he doesn't want to hear I tried to commit suicide.

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    • Me either. I question if he ever did. Guess I'll have to ask when we have that in person talk. Thanks for replying.

    • No problem, my inbox is always open

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  • Cut the cord on this guy, he's just gunna bring u pain and misery

    He doesn't have friends.. alarm bells there.. why doesn't he have friends? Because... nobody likes him... why? because he uses people.. change ur number and run away.. he has to many issues to deal with before he thinks of getting in a relationship! He will drag himself down along with u as well..

    run.. run far far away

    • That is all he brought during these past 2 years. He says he doesn't have any but he knows a lot of people. A friend of his died 2 weeks ago that is why I said lets put our conversation on hold so he can deal with that. That friend, a girl committed suicide but he said he wasn't close to her. He is a user and I felt used throughout this whole time. Yeah he has too many issies and the only relationships he does well is the casual ones. The girl he was messing with had her own live in boyfriend and wanted him as her boyfriend too. Even the girls he goes after are messed up. I am far too kind to even want to be friends with him after all he did to me.
      I want to have that last relationship conversation and try to be his friend but I don't think he is capable of that.

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    • He won't be interested... you'd be as well talking to a wall.. do not humilate yourself by giving him 1 more minute of your time.. if he wants to talk let him come to you.. you know what I'm typin? Let him come to you then talk!

      I've been there- guys like that are wasters they thrive on women running after them.. stop it now.. whatever you have to say forget it, he's not worth it.. it's took me 5 years to get rid of a man I wanted to give a piece of my mind to..5 years! Stress and aniexty always looking over my shoulder.. it got so bad was thinking of getting an injunction.. do u want that for u? Cut it out he don't deserve u he will bring u nothing but grief

    • He asked for a break first and I gave him space and distance. Then in that same week he said he was thinking of me and that he was sorry how it all went down. Said he was too out of it to act like a decent person. So I told him we can talk and he said phone? I said no in person. So he agreed. Then he said he was going to pick me up to go eat somewhere and talk. The next day he texted saing that his friend died so we postponed the talk. He knows I want to talk and he said he was ready to give me an asnwer. He said today yeah, we arenot together and that yeah we are friends. So friends talk no? I'm not wanting to talk to reconcile I want to tell him how he really made me feel. He might think I was so blindly in love that I didn't realize how he treated me but boy is he wrong. I want him to know I no longer love him and be brutally honest.

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  • he uses u.. nothing else..

    • So he wants to continue to use me thats why he wants to stay friends?

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    • woahhh... grt dear.. can we chat in inbox plz? mesage me

    • hey.. message me.. if u are okay with it.. bcoz my xper level is 1 so u have to mesaage me.. please

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  • Some people are capable of maintaining a friendship without the romantic aspects and that's ok

    • Yes I know but he recently said I love you and so that I love you is meant now as friends then? The lover/partner I love you he killed quickly after 2 years in less than a month?

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