Does his confusing behavior mean he’s not done with me yet?

He dumped me and said “it’s over. Move on” but his actions differ from his words.
One: he messaged me a lot and called twice just to apologize for being mean when I texted him, he said things like (my name)?” “Please I’m sorry”.
Two: he said if I didn’t stop messaging him he’d block. He blocked. Hours later he unblocked and said “are you done”? Why unblock?
Three: got really jealous. Even messaged me not to do (certain thing) again clearly because of his jealousy. I’m not imagining this either.
Four: messaged “bye” again, after the last time he said it, like 10-30 mins after the last time he said it, like he’s coming back.
I messaged him “why do you confuse me?” He said “bye” then blocked me. ^^does the above things mean he’s not done?
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  • he is not done yet


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What Guys Said 2

  • sorry about what happened.
    what that person does is unclear and unconscious, and it all would affect you because, as I see it, you don't know where you are in that relationship or where you belong.

    sometimes he blocks or unblocks you, and sometimes he comes back to say goodbye and then blocks you again...
    considering the way he's acting and thinking, I think the breakup was also for silly reasons.

    make your value and your personality shining to put that person in the place that doesn't bother your thinking.

  • Means your method to enslave men and them love you for it is quite brilliant in truth, would have gone down really well in America a few centuries back. I appreciate it for quite different reasons though, firstly it's rather amusing and secondly I'm not suffering from it's hell, and I know it's hell, and it's why I appreciate it


What Girls Said 1

  • He’s VERY immature. he wants you to beg forgiveness, tell him he’s great and you’ll do whatever he wants. I think you should settle things once and for all be done with him. but tell him you’re doing what he wants, and moving on.


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