Getting back together?

What’s the best way to ask someone to get back together? At times I wonder if he’s seeing someone else.
Would it be werid to tell him that I miss him even though I’m the one that ended it?


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  • two things can happen if you do what you want to do...
    1- you may be rejected, and that would make you sadder and lose your self-confidence.
    2- you may succeed in getting what you want, but the situation will be temporary until he leaves your life.
    I know you care about him, but either way, you're going to lose.

    • Well I know he misses me also and I kinda broke up with him for a stupid reason. I feel if I talk to him about it we can work on things. Even if it’s just temporary I want him back in my life.

    • I know it's hard for you to leave things the way they are, especially since you feel guilty about what happened, but give him his own space before you decide what you want to do because it might be confusing for him.

      Can you tell me why you broke up?

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  • You ended things with him for a reason, right? Keep that reason in mind. It's normal to be curious about what he's doing, he was a part of your life for a while and now he isn't. But like I said, you broke up with him for a reason. Maybe try finding someone else


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  • Best way to get back call him for sleep over

  • If you know they'll accept no matter what does how even matter? Pffft, any way will do and that's the thing, chilled out approach makes sense


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