Is My Ex Boyfriend In A Rebound Relationship?

I am still very in love with my ex boyfriend. It still feels like our breakup happened yesterday. I want him back so badly but he already has a new girlfriend/is seeing someone new.

We had been dating since November 12th 2016. We broke up on August 8th. But here's a bit of a back story. I had not actually seen him since June 28th because he was away sailing because he's a maritime cadet. We had some communication issues and both got upset with each other and I thought everything would be better when we could just see each other again. He texted me that he felt afraid because it was the longest relationship he'd ever been in. One of the reasons he broke up with me is because he felt afraid. He said he didn't want to marry the first woman he loved and have it not work out. Long story short, we broke up when he got home. He cried like a baby (I guess we both did) and said I was the most meaningful relationship he'd ever had. We didn't talk for about 3 weeks after that and I contacted him first. He asked me how I was doing and also gave me a few compliments, telling me to not worry about the new job I'm starting because I'm "smart, sweet, and beautiful". The conversation dwindled and he texted me again 2 weeks later to wish me "happy birthday". I haven't heard from him since and how I see that he has a new girlfriend.

I went out for drinks with his roommate because we're still friends and I asked about him. He said that he feels guilty and that sometimes he feels he made the wrong choice, didn't tell me much more..


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  • Just move on.. it is obvious he has moved on. Love is a two way street... cannot happen unless both are committed.


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  • lol what... that sounds so fucking stupid... men these days aren't men theyre scared manchilds. No man that claims to love someone just lol Lol yeah no. he's full of fucking shit ahhhhhahhs


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