How to get over someone?

It’s been two years... and i still like the same kid. We go to the same college and I see him now and then. We never really got to know each other but somehow I convinced myself that he was into me. I don't know, it just hit me that he’s obviously not and that I should move on. Except I’ve been trying to move on for a year now and I still can’t. Any help?


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  • Sometimes it just takes a long time. Try finding someone new perhaps, best remedy lol.


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  • I loved one guy for 6 years and another one 4 years and another one for like 4 summers.
    The one I loved for 6 years was my classmate, the one I loved for 4 years went to the same school I went but not in the same class.
    I started forgetting him time by time, I've never been in love since 17, that's when I started falling out of love with the last guy.

    The best way to get over someone is to know your value, no matter how good a guy is, I know he loses way more than I lose and I really mean it. I had enough love stories to know that the only special guy will be my future husband, others, meh, they are just past, unlucky ones, who can't have me. Think the same way and you'll find it easy to move on.

    I wish success and luck to everyone who I ever had in my past because I shared a bit of myself to them, they knew real me, they loved and liked real me, they saw me the way I was, but not everything works and the ones who can't see your values aren't worth of having you.


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  • I can't say that I have the right to give an opinion since I myself haven't gotten over my ex and it's almost been three year, but my advice is to find something to distract you. I use books, wattpad, drawing, school and poetry as a way to escape. Find your own distraction, so you don't have time to think of the guy all the time.


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