How to make him regret his decision?

I was talking to a guy in a whole arrange marriage setup. We have planned so many things but after some days their parents said they don't want us to get married because of some old so called kundali drama. I trusted that guy and started liking him but when i asked him if he still wants to marry me he said he can't go against his parents wish. I felt really bad for many days. We still continued talking sometimes he make me feel he is doing me a favor by talking to me. He was rude I have cried for him a lot. Now when I have planned to move on I started ignoring him now he is messaging me on facebook and I am not replying. Please let me know how can I make him feel bad what he did to me. I still care for him but I don't want to show him and I want him to feel the same the way he made me feel. I need some advice on it.
Please guys tell me what are some things I can do to make him regret what he has done to me. I have posted pictures on Facebook with my guy friend and then he again started massaging me i think he is feeling jealous. Please help me to make him feel really bad. SORRY FOR MY BAD English
How to make him regret his decision?
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