Struggling with a break up. I love her. What do I do?

It's been 5 months since my ex broke up with me. It was very difficult to deal with in the beginning as she played a lot of mind games. Everybody sees it. It's quite difficult. Some of the things she did was flirt with other guys infront of me, hot and cold, and all of that stuff.

I'll admit, it destroyed me quite hard. Only now am I slowly recovering but it will take a while as we see each other like twice a week because of class.

Anyways, this month, she stares at any girl I talk too. When the girl is all alone, she gives them dirty looks and completely ignores them. Will be completely obnoxious, attention seeking, and kinda grumpy. She has facetime video call me but she let it ring twice then hang up, liked my instagram post and all that stuff. She tried to grab my attention.

Last night though, she was in a super good mood. Thrown off my everything really. Someone help me.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Love... a creazy messed up feeling that you can't help but feel for another.

    It makes, you creazy, wild, happy, sad and either brings out the best or worst you.

    Its addictive and all consuming. It occupys that space in your head and makes you lose sense of time.

    Ask yourself those questions. Do I love her or just mourning what was and never will be?


What Guys Said 1

  • You dont love her. If you think she does all this shit and you still believe you love her, you dont, you're obsessed and/or have unhealthy dependence.

    Ask yourself: What am I without this girl in my life, what do I have of meaning to me. If you hesitate or are unsure, get away, take a break from relationships for a year and work on yourself. Love is only obtained when you're at the best of your individual abilities and you find someone who gets you beyond that. Love is not something you cling to because youd be sad/lonely without it.


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