I get really scared irl see my ex because?

i don't know if this seems weird but I was with this guy for a few months dating and we broke up long story. After we broke up we ended having sex FOR THE FIRST TIME!! in our relationship we didn't. He took my virginity, I sent him nudes and I know it's strange but I feel weird knowing the fact he knows he's had all of me, he could literally expose me if he wanted too as he still has the photos saved on his phone, I feel weird he's the first boy to ever see me naked and he's my first ever time. I feel really insecure and paranoid to even go to the town because I'm scared il see him and his friends and I feel weird knowing he's seen me like not wearing literally anything. The sex wasn't very good since it was my first time as well so I feel really insecure. Is it normal to feel like this or is something wrong with me?


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  • No your right TBH just that's the thing you let him play with your emotions let him get all of you


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