Is it worth talking to a girl who rejects you?

i've only known her for 2 months

when she rejected me she said she had no interest in me whatsoever but say we should be friends and then warns me not to think just because we are friends, I should ask again

she says she has no interest in me on any level yet says lets be friends, isn't that an insult


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  • In this case, I think she said "let's be friends" to be nice with the rejection.

    I think it is not an insult. She is being honest and leaving no room for misinterpretation. She's actually helping you out because now that you know you don't want her you can pursue another girl. Always look at the positives man!


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  • Rejections should never be taken personally, she was simply being honest with you. The "lets be friends." thing is a line someone uses when they don't want you to feel too bad, she doesn't really want another friend!


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  • It has the potential to be insulting, but I suppose she did not intend for it to be an insult. Nevertheless, I suggest that you should just not attempt to move the friendship past the point of platonic if those were her terms. Besides, You could be missing out on other experiences if you continue to persue her.

    • Thats what I did, I cut off everything I only talk to her when I see her. and only say hi... I don't think friendship should be based on who's terms. they should be boundaries

    • Indeed. Please don't misinterpret what I said, but, you are already doing what I intended. Nevertheless, you can remain cordial, but just don't expect much from the situation. You are on a decent path if that is your decision.

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