Is it all my fault?

I went through a very traumatic incident while my boyfriend was out of town. We were talking up until the moment it happened. I love you and cute text and what not.
(we've been together 2 years and live together - plans to marry)
I Called him right away - he couldn't here me, he was out somewhere
I texted him right away about the incident
I had a female friend call him from my phone to inform him - he couldn't hear her either i guess
While i was being treated by a medic -
he called 3 times - i didn't have my phone, it was laying on the ground
he texted after calling asking if i was okay, whats going etc.
15 minutes goes by without me answering while i'm being treated
I call him back - it goes to VM
I text him out of dissapointment and also i was completely disoriented from hitting my head
"leave me alone i'm fine" - I don't know why i even said that - i think i was overwhelmed by the friggin 50 people surrounding me. Also the fact that i called him twice and he kept saying he couldn't hear me and he couldn't hear my friend either - i think my emotions were high and i was frustrated.
I look down I realize i said this to him- realize it wasn't nice - I call him within 3 minutes of saying this - 3 MIN later! LITERALLY 3 MIN
I call 4 times - no answer
text him saying to pick up i need to talk to him, say why is he ignoring me, please don't ignore me, tell him i'm going to the hospital and its serious
hours go by - i say i'm sorry i said that and explain i didn't mean to say that and i misspoke i was just super overwhelmed and disoriented. I tell him i really need him and say please don't ignore me im in the hospital and i'm alone and upset
He literally never talks to me again, has a great vacation, never asks if i'm okay - doesn't come home and goes to his parents house.
Its been 3 weeks, no contact - still not home
and NO we have 0 relationship drama or any drama in general - and we were not fighting - no i dont play games with him - we are best friends and loves
+1 y
also - he left me with all the bills, his guns and everything he owns. Not even a word. It was just a text - and one that i apologized for.. and it wasn't even nasty.. it was a mistake and i was being treated for a concussion. I mean.. come on man.
Is it all my fault?
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