Is it all my fault?

I went through a very traumatic incident while my boyfriend was out of town. We were talking up until the moment it happened. I love you and cute text and what not.
(we've been together 2 years and live together - plans to marry)
I Called him right away - he couldn't here me, he was out somewhere
I texted him right away about the incident
I had a female friend call him from my phone to inform him - he couldn't hear her either i guess
While i was being treated by a medic -
he called 3 times - i didn't have my phone, it was laying on the ground
he texted after calling asking if i was okay, whats going etc.
15 minutes goes by without me answering while i'm being treated
I call him back - it goes to VM
I text him out of dissapointment and also i was completely disoriented from hitting my head
"leave me alone i'm fine" - I don't know why i even said that - i think i was overwhelmed by the friggin 50 people surrounding me. Also the fact that i called him twice and he kept saying he couldn't hear me and he couldn't hear my friend either - i think my emotions were high and i was frustrated.
I look down I realize i said this to him- realize it wasn't nice - I call him within 3 minutes of saying this - 3 MIN later! LITERALLY 3 MIN
I call 4 times - no answer
text him saying to pick up i need to talk to him, say why is he ignoring me, please don't ignore me, tell him i'm going to the hospital and its serious
hours go by - i say i'm sorry i said that and explain i didn't mean to say that and i misspoke i was just super overwhelmed and disoriented. I tell him i really need him and say please don't ignore me im in the hospital and i'm alone and upset
He literally never talks to me again, has a great vacation, never asks if i'm okay - doesn't come home and goes to his parents house.
Its been 3 weeks, no contact - still not home
and NO we have 0 relationship drama or any drama in general - and we were not fighting - no i dont play games with him - we are best friends and loves
also - he left me with all the bills, his guns and everything he owns. Not even a word. It was just a text - and one that i apologized for.. and it wasn't even nasty.. it was a mistake and i was being treated for a concussion. I mean.. come on man.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Sorry... but maybe it was just the right amount of ammunition during the whole situation to push him over if it is strong (Love ofcourse) go get your man I believe 3 weeks is a long time to cool off... Good Luck

  • Well, you have more than you have bargained for. And you mqy be dodging a bullet here. I think that tge particular text might not be the real reason, but only a catalyst.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well it kinda is. You told him to leave you alone, your fine. So he probably went off doing what he was doing. He did attempt to talk to you, it's not his fault if he can't hear you. But he still shouldn't keep ignoring you

    • he deliberately ignored me to punish me - even while i was in the hospital he went as far as to ignore me and posted a photo on facebook - his supposed want to be wife

    • That's my point though. He went about his own business ignoring you but that's what you asked. So you can't be that mad about it.
      The fact he's back and ignoring you, gives you a right to be mad

    • lol he's not back - he never came home, he went two states away to his parents - he left me with all the bills and all of his belongings and just ghosted.
      So your telling me that if your boyfriend said one wrong thing to you while he was halfway passed out on the ground with a concussion.. you would never even check back to see if he made it to the hospital? just curios not trying to be aggressive.

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