Why would a man go from polite and amicable to an absolute pig during a breakup?

we split in July... it was amicable and never a problem, (I found out he started taking drugs etc) so I couldn't be with someone like that... loved him more than anything and he was well aware... we lived together, was together 3 years... I lost a lot of weight and got a new career... anyway since July I've been asking him to close the joint account.. he kept making excuses so yest I text to say enough now I need you to close our account and just give the rest of my stuff back but I also z I hoped he was still doing well etc... and he blocked me? Off everything! So no way to contact him. I've never harassed him or anything all I want is the account closed and my stuff back and he blocked me! Why would a man suddenly change and do that?


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  • Highly likely it's about the drugs. Drugs changes you. You lose your moral views and things you thought you would never do suddenly doesn't seem bad. You become insensitive to everything and everyone and all you care about is the drugs.

    That's what I think since you said he began using. Otherwise he maybe just can't handle you because he struggles with other things. Or he is mad/upset that you left him and he does this stupid thing in return to show it.


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  • Maybe you can lodge a report against him. That will teach him how to be an adult


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  • If someone punches you in the face, you don't say thank you for it. You hit back.

    Emotional pain registers the same as physical pain. So if you hurt him (With a breakup) he's not gonna' like it, and he's gonna' try and hurt you back.

    Perfectly normal humam reaction. I'd be more concerned if he was polite to you.

  • Blocking you is acting like a pig?
    Any sane man would have blocked you immediately.

    • Excuse me? And that's your reason for that?

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    • You jerk I don't think it's acceptable for someone to block someone when there just asking for money back and banks account closed and to deal with it as adults then move on so I'm perfectly right saying so!

    • He can do whatever the fuck he wants.
      Stop acting like he's your slave.

  • He may be in pain people do stupid things when there in pain maybe get a friend to speak to him but dont pressure him into closing any account just ask if he's ok it sounds like he's in pain from the brake up

  • "Why would a man suddenly change and do that?"

    "I found out he started taking drugs etc"

    There we go. The question is... why did he start taking drugs?


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