Sos what is love?

How do you guys know you are in love like i question it a lot cause of being scared of actually being in that situation


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  • The English language is pretty bad for talking about love. Love has so many forms and nuances that one could naturally be confused when using the same word for all its different incarnations. For example, are you just physically in love with some one? The Greeks would call that Eros. Do you love them unconditionally? They'd call that Agape. But anyways, the point I'm trying to make is that you need to define for yourself what love in your life should look like. For me, I don't simply fall in love. If I'm suddenly smitten by a cute girl, that's just merely infatuation or lust. But if my partner and I share mutual romantic feelings and work hard to understand each other and build memories together, I'd call that being in love.

  • Baby dont hurt me, Dont hurt me

  • a chemical process made by evolution i guess


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