Opinions on what I should do?

First off just got out of a long relationship I found out she was talking to her ex. First of I do love the girl but I don't think I should take her back. Opinions? Also I've been trying to get it there again I guess just to see what else is put there but seems like no one is interested I'm a single father and have full custody. I work full time and do well for myself and my daughter what am I doing wrong?


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  • You can't have her back. I think she still like she her ex


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  • This is messy question so it's hard to know what you're actually asking.

    If you're asking "Do I take my girl back even though she cheated?" Then my opinion is "only if you can forgive her and move on." If you can't then don't.

    If she was talking to her ex and you think that's cheating, then that's just you being insecure and weird.

    If you're "getting out there" again for less than three months then you haven't really been "getting out there."

    Let me ask you this... when your daughter first started to learn to walk, how many times did she fall down before she figured it out? Did she say, "You know, I've been getting out there and I just can't seem to walk, so I'm going to just stop trying now."? Or did she just keep trying until she could walk?

    If you want something, then learn how others did it, and copy them. If you want an amazing women in your life, then first learn how to be an amazing man who an amazing woman would be attracted to. And there's LOTS of books and courses on this.

    Your lack of success has nothing to do with a lack of options... there's literally billions of women in the world, so don't be lazy about something so damn important.

    It SHOULD be hard to find an awesome woman. It SHOULD take effort.


    ~ Robby

    • Thanks good answer. Problem was there was flirting deleted messages told me it was her cousin also she was going out a lot and was threw out between the amount of lies and catching that was hard to tell. We were together for 4 years.

    • Ya lies are gross. It's hard to be with someone you can't trust, so I totally get that. Well that sucks.

      I say don't take it personally... each of us have our traumas and we each make our own choices based on our own experience. If she's lying or cheating, that's about her, not you,

      As for finding someone else, be patient. Like I said, awesome women exist, it just takes time to find them.

      And just make sure that you're the awesome man who DESERVES that awesome woman so that when you meet a bunch they want to stick around. It's not about winning them over, it's about already being your best self in a way that they're naturally drawn towards. And then being selective enough to recognize those women worthy of your time.

    • Yeah makes it tough and yes I definitely am trying my best always improving myself for sure

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