Why would an ex?

Why would an ex ask for a passionate kiss?


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  • She is probably still not over you, I think. It really depends on the situation, can you give us some more backstory please?

    • My ex is narcissistic emotionally abusive ans manipulative... i had to get something back from him and he went on about how he has been stalking me online (linkedin and searched me online). He told me how he will never find anyone like me, but we can't get back together, he cried, was telling me how all the things that caused us to fight aren't a problem anymore.. how he makes so much money i wouldn't have had to work.. how everything reminds him of me.. he was hoping that he would see my car pass by when he saw cars like mine.. but he said we aren't getting back.. but then wanted a passionate kiss

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    • I said to him that i want to get back and have missed him. And told him to think about it. I mean he said he would never have the same love for anyone they way he loved me

    • Thanks for the MHO!

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  • Lol😂😂😂 I don't know but maybe he's still interested in u

  • To be passionately kissed.

  • Nostalgia?


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