Girls, Ex girlfriend has a new boyfriend is there any chance of getting her back?

Hi - I’m looking for some advice please. My ex girlfriend of 7 years broke up with me because things had been going bad and she lost trust in me due to a break two years ago when I got with a couple of girls and didn’t tell her about it when we got back together. Anyway, we broke up in May and continued to see each other and she started seeing a boy and me at the same time. This is really out of her character. But then she is in an official relationship with him now. We don’t speak anymore but she picked up something the other day and then I said I need to go out. She rang me said this is so hard I’m still in love with you but I know this isn’t best for me. Then I left it a couple of days later she text me saying “I will always have a piece of her heart, she is still in love with me and doesn’t know if she will ever get over me” I just finished renovating my flat and she said she was proud of me but said don’t worry about replying she had just not stopped thinking about it since she saw me. She seems quite committed to this new relationship and we are not talking anymore. this same guy she said 6 weeks ago she didn’t really like him but got angry at me about an Instagram post a girl liked (even though she was seeing him and not me anymore) I just want to know in a girls opinion is there anything I can do or do I just hope she misses me and contacts me again at some point? Everything with him seems to be moving so fast.


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  • Get her a gift (put some effort in it) that brings in her memories of a day when she was really happy with you, and Maybe write down a short letter with your true feelings.
    Do not be desperate.
    Send someone to deliver.


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