Should I tell my ex I miscarried our baby?

I told my ex boyfriend that I thought I was pregnant. In order to confirm I went to the hospital. The blood test result came out negative, but the doctor told me I likely had a miscarriage (at 3-4weeks). I told him that the result was negative, but didn't tell him that I was actually pregnant and had a miscarriage.

I didn't tell him because I thought it was unessasary. I wanted to move on without drama.
Now after 4 months I still can't get over the miscarriage. The idea of the baby always makes me feel somehow connected to my ex, and can't really get over it.

Should I tell him about the miscarriage to get a closure, to make myself feel better? or should I just deal with it alone?
Is he gonna be mad and think I'm lying? or blame me for not telling him earlier?

By the way we stayed friends after the breakup.
Should I tell my ex I miscarried our baby?
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