It's been 4 months. Do I call her again and try and relight the flame?

Long story short cliff notes:
•dated a girl for a while (1+ years)

•pretty turbulent but incredibly passionate relationship that ended mostly because I wasn't playing my role as the attentive boyfriend well, but also because she got anxiety attacks reguarly

•split up, tried the 'friends' thing. Didn't end well. Didn't speak for 6 months, I dated during this time and so did she. Eventually I missed her enough to write her a letter- she replied and said she was seeing someone new and it had been 3 months of dating. We still ended up meeting up, getting drunk and hooking up. Just the once.

•few weeks later she got cold feet and stopped speaking to me because she wanted to give it a go with the new guy (who she'd cheated on with me). It's been several months (and over a year since we split) that we haven't talked.

•I have dated a LOT since we split. Had one or two mini flings that I've always ended because to be honest I think I'm still in love with her. I've had a few serious relationships in my life, a couple that were longer than this one, but I just keep coming back to her. She was amazing in bed, caring and the most loving person ever. I hae no idea how things are with her new guy. If they're together still or not, basically I live in dubai and nobody stays here forever. I'm thinking about moving in the next year. Do I call her and try my hand?


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  • No. I would jsut let this one go


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