Girls, Girl said she doesn't trust me?

When I start uni I saw a cute girl and tried to add her on Facebook. She didn't accept because at that point I hadn't introduced myself so😕. She kept looking at me across canteen and a few of her friends sit in one of my classes so at lunch I walked over and introduced myself which we all got along fine and she started to open up more. However after I left she kept staring at me. So the week after I sat at her table and she started questioning everything I do and teasing me in flirtatious way , so we got involved in a group activity which we did t finish so the lecturer told us to share email. So I looked at her and said is this were you give you number with a wink😜 . So shortly after me asking if she singled she gave me her email and phone number. Then two days later I Sent a text in a joking way that I met a girl ( her name ) who gave me her number n is hot shall I date her she said she's not single. So I said ok sorry.. so week after we still spoke n she kept teasing me , n if I accidentally ignore her she calls me names to get my attention. And she said she didn't trust me but didn't give a reason. I do workout a lot and probably look like a player. So I rushed off and didn't say Bye after class. I sent her a text saying thank you for helping n see her in two weeks with a love heart But now her friends keep looking in canteen and she doesn't say anything to me but just glances. So im just wondering why she keep calling me names if I accidentally ignore her or tease her and then ignoring my text to say thanks along with saying she doesn't trust me dies she hate me or something?


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  • Nothing you can do to gain it

    • Exactly but I don't get why she wouldn't trust me lol

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