If it is meant to be will it?

So me and my ex split around this time last year over an issue that I thought that could be resolved. I got complacent, took things for granted, but I always stayed loyal. I understand though sometimes it’s not what you do it’s what you don’t do and I take full responsibility for my actions. I sincerely tried to make things work and continue to build our relationship cause we been through so much and I just didn’t want to throw everything away. It was kind of difficult to do so because we were at two different colleges in different cities. Recently she got a new boyfriend and it hurts badly because I tried to make things work, it’s like sometimes I just want to forget it and just give up hope but sometimes I want to believe if two people truly love one another they’ll find there way back no matter what the circumstance. I’m just looking for some feedback through this difficult time thanks!


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  • That's a nice thought. But not reality


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