Friend or Best friend?

Hi bff female didn't invite me to husbands bday. Her mom came from NY, she had advise to take me out, due to her mom being at her home she doesn't have time, which is understandable... but now she gets upset if I message her... normally we would take bus after work... now we don't. She takes bus ride with mom. She just over the place... I feel like I'm a compromise. Pls note we r grown as women. What would u do.Friend or Best friend??


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  • Sounds like you need to give her space and time to remember why she values you. Wait until Mom leaves first.


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  • She is living her life, she has responsibilities. Sorry but she isn't in a relationship with you. Give her a break... she has a guest and has to entertain that guest, don't be selfish.

    • Sounds like sound adv I'm not being selfish... Ty anyways

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  • You’re question is all over place. Try to elaborate but make sense at the same time


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