Girlfriend broke up is studying abroad and her depression and anxiety is at an all time high?

Hi All, hope everyone is well, Just looking for some advice really, basically my girlfriend split up with me a couple of days ago after a little argument, but saying that i'm going to be seeing her in 9 days as we've already planned this, she's currently going through a lot of emotions as we speak, i've been with her for 5 years and 7 months, this has happened twice before when she's under a lot of stress and we've always worked through and come back stronger than ever!

Some context; She hasn't had the best of up bringings in terms
her mum is a junkie/alcoholic
her Dad doesn't want to know her
She's very volatile but when she hits low, she hits low!
As we got together she wanted to have kids and be on the dole, now she's travelling and studying her masters, and she forever grateful to put her in the right direction
anything and anything can trigger her anxiety, even a little bicker!

i'm just looking for some advice really, like I've standing my ground and not contacting her at the minute since 5:30 last night, as we have been speaking as normal, only thing has changed that we don't say i love you anymore, for obvious reasons, i mean for the last year or so, she's been hinting she wants to be married to me, have babies with me and plan to travel etc many activities what couples would do. I mean the Saturday she was saying to me that she loves me very much and she can't wait to see me, but on the other hand she's saying she been feeling like this for months. so i am abit confused haha, i was just wondering if you ladies out there that can have some advice as us blokes do not understand!

I mean i love this girl very much, i've seen her change from a little girl, to a woman into a lady.
Girlfriend broke up is studying abroad and her depression and anxiety is at an all time high?
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