Just need to know why.. with honesty.. why do people/guys do this?

7 months ago my ex and I broke up after almost 6 years of living together. we couldn't agree on how to raise my kids and he drank too much and became abusive the last year together, emotionally.. Not physically, which i think is harder to understand and move on from being the abused. .. i was certainly not always perfect and we had a toxic relationship at the end.
But we split because of the toxicity, not the lack of love.
Since then he has been hot and cold.. we met a few times.
Hooked up a couple times and many many times texted about how we missed and love each other etc. texting back and forth on a daily/ weekly basis about everything we were doing in life, him conveniently forgetting to mention he was doing it with his new girlfriend.

I continually asked him for closure or for us to try again, him to get his stuff from my house, but he wouldn't answer my questions honestly...

couple weeks ago, found out he had been living with someone since we broke up. Now I can getover him because of his actions, the past months he strung me along... but. hard to forget the good memories, but i thought he was trying to change and work on himself during our separation.. it hurt so much to be replaced so easily when we thought we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. He is now with this girl 15 years younger. but obviously not happy if he was still contacting me, sextimg me telling me how we were meant to be

.. Why would he do this to me and her... besides beng an asshole..
did he really love me..
does he really love her.. she is willing too forgive him for the constant contact and meeting with me.. even after he lied to her for the past 7 months, he told her it was me doing the contacting when in reality, it was both of us. I never would have continued the contact if I knew he was in a new serious relationship.

Why would someone do this after 5 good years of living happy ( and one toxic). It is just cruel


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  • Im a abuse victim myself I understand your pain
    I hope things work out ❤️


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