What is my ex trying to prove?

Here's the story in short. I was with my ex for about a year, it was a distance relationship and at times we got jealous with one another, so eventually it got to the point where she wanted a split and maybe consider getting back together in the distant future when we could be near each other. I was heartbroken because I had invested so much into this relationship, but I let her have her wish and we split apart back in June of 2010. Two weeks later she was in another distance relationship and she didn't tell me because she was "afraid to hurt me." Of course I was hurt so I went into no contact and for a while I was happy. Then my ex broke the silence and told me she really was not over me and she wasn't sure if she was doing the right thing in dating this guy. I told her she needs to decide what she wants but that I would stick by her wishes of not trying again until the near future. Since then my ex has been nothing but mean to me. She picks at things from the past, picks on me for going out and getting into better shape(for my own self esteem), and when I tell her I still care about her and I want the best for her and that I'm happy she found this new guy, and I'm happy that they have each other, she says she doesn't believe me. She doesn't want to believe that I'm truly happy for her, and really it kind of hurts for her to not believe me. She was my best friend for this whole past year, and now she claims she doesn't believe me and she loves to put me down. I'm over her and I'm currently going on blind dates and I actually find them to be a lot of fun and it really helped me get over my ex and yes when she found that out she was upset but then talked about her boyfriend, which is alright by me. My question is, what is she trying to prove through all of this?


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  • She still likes you and wanted to stay in contact, so if she changed her mind about the new guy she would stil have the old guy. But you have moved on which is great cause she's just not worth it.

    This is just from a similar experience of mine.


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