Why would a man leave a woman if he’s so much in love with her and thinks she’s perfect?

We’ve been seeing each other for almost 9 mos now. Everything hasn’t been easy for us but aren’t all relationships are? We are so much in love with each other and care deeply of one another we even believe that we’re destined and soulmates. We’re so much alike and have respect for each other. We have fun days and oh, great explosion sex. 🙈 He is divorcing but it’s not something about all that i think him and his soon to be ex are in good terms and just working on ending their marriage and papers, he has no kids so no problem. when i met him i was careful because i don’t want to get involve with a “married divorcing man” it’s just too complicated. But he was persistent and fought against all odds for my love. I tried to walk away but he always stopped and get me. I let it happen because i want him too. Fast forward 2 mos ago we’ve been arguing about silly things but it’s when one of us pulls away. I guess for me the reason i pull sometimes is because i’m scared to get hurt. It’s been my self defense Ever since. But i open it up to him and promised i’ll work on it. But lately he started to withdraw and closed himself off me. I gave him space but told him i am not mad at him and that i miss him and reminded him that i am here for him. He broke up with me over a text. And i thought that’s disrespectful. I was hurt. tried to accept it but i decided to confront him he said he can’t do it and end it with me while seeing me. He can’t let me go but why is he doing this? I don’t ever pressured him or ask him to promise me anything and he knows dis He said he loves me so much and drawn to me like he never have before and couldn’t function or exist without me. But why is he breaking up with me? I tried calming him down leaving him alone time to think and let him know i love him and will be there for him. If he thinks he can’t live without me and thinks I’m perfect why he pushes me away? I know he feels inadequate because he can’t commit just yet because he is divorcing.


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  • Obviously he lied and shame on you for getting with a guy going through a divorce. You’re nothing but a rebound and those never last. About 9-12 months is average

  • He's manipulating you... he wants you to be responsible for the relationship if anything goes wrong. younwere a side. piece while he was married... a taboo... now he's not married and you're there and he just sees another. cage to keep him from freedom.
    You've been. lied to to. get what he wants...


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  • Dating someone who is in the middle of divorcing is bad because they can change their mind or jumping into another relationship is unhealthy and you should have waited when he had time to heal after divorce was finalized and being single for a bit before you let it happen. There are so many factors that come into play - was he sincere with you or treated you as a rebound, did something happen during the divorce to make him change his feelings or mind for you or he don't wanna rush into another commitment or scared to get serious again, etc

    • He was separated for 2 years as far as i know. He was sincere at least that’s how i want to look at it.

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    • I guess you’re right but it doesn’t make sense to me to end it all like the way he did. I don’t want him to commit just yet either. And i am trying to convince myself that his decision is coming from a a good place. Just don’t want the thought and feeling that i was “used” as i was trying to walk away from it from the beginning

    • Yo humans are too irrational to understand, don't try to understand why, it just ends up self blaming or paranoia when it's just babble. Look the people today, can we understand those people killing, shooting, or assaulting other people, especially babies and kids? No, we cannot. Even though you not pressuring him to commit, he just got some stuff to work out by himself and you just gotta leave him alone and not wait for him because you don't know if he'll come back to you, if there's a chance down the road y'all met up again, maybe there's a chance but you can't depend on that "what if" thread unless you a dreamer lol

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