Why would my ex do this? Help?

Hello. Me and my ex were together for around 4 months and it was great, apart from near the time we ended we just argued all the time so he decided to dump me, I was really upset but he was there for me while I was upset and we ended on a good note.

i really wanted to speak to him about the breakup and figure out answers in real life, so 1 month after the breakup I invited him round my house and he came... we kissed and spoken about everything and I ended up losing my virginity to him. It was the first time I had sex we didn't have sex during the relationship. We kissed when he left and left things on a good note and he told me that me and him are still friends. He would sometimes message me now and again.

anyways I'm so confused because he has 5 of my close friends on Snapchat and all of them have him in there and they can see his story, he hasn't posted anything about me or to do with a girl as far as I know and what they've seen, so I'm confused to why he would block me from seeing his story? It dosent make sense like we ended on good terms and he blocked me. he didn't block me on anything else apart from seeing his story.

there's only two things that could be the case And he blocked me after this happened
1. I added his close friend on Snapchat and I saw on his close friends Snapchat him and this girl.
2. Also this girl who I don't know at all was on his close friends Snapchat and took the phone and posted a video story saying "my name is a slag" for no reason what's so ever... ever since then I can't see his stories, does this have anything to do with it? All my friends can see his story apart from me. I'm so confused. Or does he just not like me seeing his story? He always watches my stories and is usually always the first person to watch them.
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I forgot to mention he also blocked his old ex of every social media.
Why would my ex do this? Help?
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