Fool or Real Love?

My wife recently left me and isnwith another guy.
When she wants to go see him, I make sure the car (which I gave up for her and the kids, I don't even have a bike) is in tip top shape so she can have a safe trip to and from his place, I provide the financial means to get there and get back, and I watch the kids so she and him don't have an obstacle to overcome so early in their relationship (and so my kids are not subjected to this dude Idek.)

Now I do all of this while bleeding from the inside out in despair, watching the one I love walk away.
I just want her to be happy.

I feel so foolish, I still chase her.
Can't help it. I really Love her.
This unconditional feeling of wanting her to be happy, it can't be shaken.

What am I doing ya know?
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  • i know that feeling bro, my ex-wife went with another and I stayed taking care of her son, while she went out, hoping that i could win her back.

    • I do hope to be reconciled one day.

      But this is not an effort to win her.
      She wants what she wants.

      But I know that if she ever opens her eyes for one day, she won't be able to miss this.

      I can only be what I wasn't before, when i should have been, truly loving and a friend.

    • unfortunately for you it probably won't happen and by you still paying things for her and keeping the car in top shape is only helping her. because she feels she can use your money.

    • That's the point my friend.
      Unconditional love.
      I can't help it
      It surely is a strange thing.

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