Back on the market and confused ?

So I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years an I'm not used to this whole being single thing but I have a lot of ink an already get stereotyped with that an while dating my x I got my girls pierced to further my pleasure...I'm thinking for some reason I should take them out cause I feel like guys will look at me in a different see a girl with ink an piercings an guys will probably think I'm just some trashy girl am I right or wrong? I don't know I'm just not sure about what to do anymore I'm lost ...I thought it didn't matter when I was with my x I thought that was going to last forever an I know he accepted me for me an not that other stuff but now that were not together I dunno...HELP! lol


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  • Who cares what anyone else thinks, if you got ink and peircings because that was the cultural meaning you wanted to inscribe on your body because that is what you valued. Now you want to remove some of it because you are more concerned about what others might think rather than what you think is important to you, pleasure, culture, value, communication etc...

    Be yourself its easier than being someone else.


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  • Well it all depends on where you live (what people are into and how people judge) and the type of person you're going to go after. But if you want someone to know and love the real you, then leave them in, cause if that's all part of you, then it's you.

  • Maybe time for a style change. You will feel different about yourself.

    Get rid of the piercings and laser the tats off. If you're not in good physical shape, start going to the gym. Buy new clothes and change the makeup if you use makeup..


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