Ex texted me after 4 months break up? help! :(?

We were a great couple, I would say we were each other's soulmate. We got into a few fights and I didn't had enough patience, so I broke up with him one night things got out of hand, but it was more of a mutual decision because we thought it wasn't a good time to have a relationship. Another reason things didn't worked out is because we are very young Im 19, he's 20. And we want to party and meet other people.
The first month of breaking up we had each other on social media to see what was the other up to. Then he deleted me off snapchat because we were VERY aware of what the other was doing and we needed to move on. After 2 months of breaking up he finally gave me my stuff back, I think he was holding into that. He has texted me drunk 5 times since we broke up, and One night he called me 4 times telling me he misses me. The last time he texted me late at night I responded one day later and he ignored me, I got mad and blocked him from whatsapp. 1 and a half passed and have met another people, I have gone to many parties and hooked up with three guys and I know he has too, but still I have him in my heart, because he was my best friend and my lover.

2 days ago he texted me at 7pm asking me how I've been, that he misses me, he called me princess (he always called me like that), he told me to count on him if I needed to, that he cares for me a lot, that Im the best person he's met, that Im one of his priorities in his life, that we wants to see me other day and that he loves me a lot, I told him the same that I missed him, care for him etc... He even came nostalgic because we were going to Manhattan on December (the city he lived in for three years) and I told him I was going on November, he told me that It would be his dream to go the two of us alone.

What do you think? does he wants to get back with him? I LOVE HIM.
Ex texted me after 4 months break up? help! :(?
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